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Born In The Summer by I-am-knot
Born In The Summer
This was made for an art competition where the prompt was "Rose Princess". I went for the yellow and pink rose. Really liked that color combination.

Not much to say really. Hope you enjoy!

Link to the competition:…
Winter Has Come by I-am-knot
Winter Has Come
Winter isn't coming, Twilight. It's already here.

I haven't made a "real" pony piece in forever. So, to all those who watched me only for that reason, I'm sorry for taking so long.
Grand Jury by I-am-knot
Grand Jury
Owls are common in professions which are usually associated with high levels of intelligence. Which is their main trait as a species. They fill most governmental, legal and economic positions. But it's not uncommon for human or deer to work in these positions as well.

Furthermore owls, who in many ways are the opposite to snakes, are purists. They rarely alter their bodies with enhancement gear. And would only do so if their profession demands it or they are left in a debilitated state if they refuse. They have since long had a symbiotic relationship with humans. Dating back as long as recorded history. Both these species used deer as slave labor. But since the banning of slavery in the Euro Zone some 200 years ago, deer have been included into this symbiosis.

Here are five of the six Grand Judges of Capitol City. Seemingly in some disagreement.
Deer City Guard by I-am-knot
Deer City Guard
So one week ago I realized that I hadn't made anything for this project in forever. So I started working on an advanced piece, with a story to it and a really detailed background. Then I scrapped it because that's not what I wanna do with this project. At least not yet.

New approach. This took 2 hours. And it's really more about exploring some basic ideas. Or rather they will have that approach. This had little to no plan. But it all helps in giving me ideas about where I wanna take the project.


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